Kick the Can

Here’s how to play:

It is a game much like hide-n-seek and tag combined. The more players there are, the more challenging the game.

Supplies: a can and a designated home base

Object: The person who is “it” must capture all the players.

Someone is chosen to be “it” and a home base is designated. All players gather around the can and someone kicks it as far as they are able. The “it” runs to get the can and brings it back to home base as the other players run and hide. Once the can is back at home base, “it” begins to search for the hidden playmates.

Once someone is found, “it” calls out “I spy their name! and both begin to race back to home base for the can. If “it” gets there first, the player is “in jail.” If the player gets there first, s/he is safe and kicks the can and goes hide again while “it” retrieves the can and brings it back to home base.

This process continues until all players are in jail. Once all players are in jail, the first person found is now “it.”

Players can be released from jail when a player makes it to the can before the “it” does and yells “home free.” Then all players are free to hide again.

If the game continues too long, the person found the most times is the next “it.”


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