A Living Legacy Project

The Cullers Run School House Oral History Project – An Overview

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story is worth a thousand pictures. — Unknown

The Cullers Run School House has been a historical part of Hardy County since 1898 as well as a featured tour stop in the Annual Heritage Weekend event. Under the Cullers Run School Association, there have been successful efforts in documenting the school’s history through period-accurate school house restoration, research & publications, and biennial reunions. However, a direct window into the cultural, educational and inspirational legacies connected to this school is quickly closing. The school closed its doors in 1956, thus, the remaining student base is quickly dwindling. Their stories, a living legacy of Hardy County, are in danger of being lost for all time. We’ve preserved and protected the building so it remains accessible to future generations. We are now preserving and protecting the stories to allow current and future generations to visit with students from a former era.

Thank you to the Hardy County Tour and Crafts Association who has supported, in part, this project.

For more information regarding the Cullers Run School house, visit HERE.

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